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Aegis no longer raiding

GumberDR a posted Oct 4, 13
We don't like the direction Rift raiding has taken and will no longer be pushing content.
Thanks to all our raiders, we had a good run.
Andis Dexter....Breaking Bad....Aegis. :*(
Deelron a Peace out?

Banner me to Volan!

GumberDR a posted Sep 20, 13

I need dem I-Stones

Content, glorious content!

Deelron a posted Sep 19, 13


True, it took longer then having a baby, but there was finally something for 20 of us to kill together again...


Thanks again for the folks who came on an off night (and those who filled in for the main raiders who couldn't make it), twins are next tonight.



Normally we would have a Wednesday raid to catch server firsts on the easy bosses in a new raid instances but Trion didn't give us a lot of heads up on when 2.4 was being released.

So, there are probably a few of us that would like to still do this, but of course its not mandatory and lets not be shocked when a lot of our raiders had plans and can't make a Wednesday raid with so little warning.

Please post on this thread and include what times you would be available.

Since we expect numbers to be tight, I would ask that non-raiding members also post if you are interested in helping out.

And the real reason we are all excited about 2.4!


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